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Advisory Board

       The Ty Cobb Museum Advisory Board has evolved over the last twenty years now becoming a significant tool and resource for the guidance of future develoopment and program strenghtening  to make it the best museum in the country.

       The Ty Cobb Museum established this committee in March of 1998. It was first called the Ty Cobb Museum Planning & Development Committee. After the Museum opened on July 17, 1998, it was renamed the Ty Cobb Museum Advisory Committee.  

       Then after a short recess, it was renamed the Ty Cobb Museum Advisory Board in 2014.

L to R: Romeo Adams, Ron Cobb and Greg Hall.
(photo courtesy of Leah McCall.)

       The Ty Cobb Museum Advisory Board kicked off the new year with a new direction for the 20th Anniversary Celebration and set the date for July 26-28, 2018.

        The goal is to get as many MLB players and former players present as possible to help make this event a very memorable occasion and to give 200 youngsters of our community a chance at Major League instruction. 
       The Advisory Board held its first meeting on Saturday January 13, 2018. The Advisory Board was hand selected to carry the Ty Cobb Museum through the 20th Anniversary Celebration in July 2018. 

       The AB consists of the following leaders:

MATT MCREE                                WESLEY FRICKS                        RON COBB
      Ex Officio                                            Chairman                               Board Member

PETE GIBBONS                               WILLIAM LEE                         APRIL JAMES 
 Board Member                                Board Member                         Board Member

BAKER OWENS                                JEFF MCCALL                  SHANE SCOGGINS 
  Board Member                                 Board Member                         Board Member

GREG GAINES                                 DAVID COBB                            GREG HALL    
  Board Member                                Board Member                       Board Member

                              ROMEO ADAMS                             CHARLIE COBB                  
                             Honorary Member                         Honorary Member                       

       "Great things are in the works," said Fricks, Chairman and Executive Director of the Ty Cobb Museum, "we are so excited about the possibilities of bringing the Major League Baseball Player's 'Legends for Youth' clinic here that will teach 200 little league age kids the basic fundamentals of the great game of baseball."