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  1. TY COBB MUSEUM: Baseball Across Eras
    29 Jul, 2017
    TY COBB MUSEUM: Baseball Across Eras
    TY COBB MUSEUM TO HOST MLB PLAYERS FOR 19th ANNIVERSARY On Saturday July 29th, 2017, the Ty Cobb Museum celebrated its 19th Anniversary in a major league way. The program marked 19 years since the Museum opened in July of 1998.    The Museum centered the program around Ransom Jackson, who was the last player to hit a homerun in Brooklyn with the Dodgers before they moved to Los Angeles and recent author of the book, "Accidental Big Leaguer," published by Rowman & Littlefield of Lanham, MD.
    22 Jan, 2017
    I am grateful that the City of Royston allowed me to take part in this journey from the beginning and I wish not to detract from their great work in securing this statue for our city. I am also grateful that they asked me to go with them and see that this awesome art work comes home for to its final resting place in Royston. The City of Royston is the one to be given the most credit with making this deal work out.
  3. Long Road of Success In Baseball 1910-1920
    10 Dec, 2016
    Long Road of Success In Baseball 1910-1920
    "The greatest player of all time?" answering the inquiry was Charles A. Comiskey, the wealthy founding owner of the Chicago White Sox, in a April 17, 1910 New York Times interview. "I pick the Detroit man because he is, in my judgment, the most expert man of his profession." Ty Cobb's Long Road Of Success. 1910-1920 Accomplishment, excellence and honor in the making of the best big league baseball player. Tyrus Raymond Cobb had already established himself as the "remaker of baseball" and a
  4. Tyrus Cobb Bats In Detroit Tigers Uniform
    01 Dec, 2016
    The Wonder Years 1900-1910
    Ty Cobb broke into professional baseball just a few short seasons after the American League was officially formed in 1901. The National League started on February 2, 1876. The two leagues were still very young by the turn of the century when Ty Cobb began playing for the notable Royston Reds team traveling some short fifteen to twenty-five miles to surrounding towns in northeast Georgia to play other teams.        It did not come easy for the youngster who was fast on his feet and was a
  5. The New Royston Library
    18 Nov, 2016
    The TY COBB Memorial Shrine 1961-2013
    It was Valentine's Day 1961 and Ty Cobb was in the closing months of his historic life. His great friend, Dr. Stewart D. Brown, Sr., had passed away nearly 10 years earlier, but left his friendship with Cobb in the good hands of his son, Dr. Stewart Jr. The younger Doctor was a true fan of Ty Cobb, the baseball player, but more than anything, he felt a deep sense of responsibility to take care of the aging legend in honor of his father's love and friendship for his life-long friend and Royston